3 Recommendations For Skin Care During The Winter Months by Dr. Christina

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You are not alone if you are experiencing dry, cracked skin due to the cold winter months. Millions of people are experiencing the same. Winter months can be especially rough on the skin. Here, I will paint a picture of the dry skin cycle of the cold outdoors. Cold outdoor air creates low humidity, which means very little water vapor in the air. The low humidity draws out moisture causing the outer layer of skin cells to become dry and shrink. When dry skin shrinks the outer cell layer becomes rough and can lead to cracking. Then, cracked skin can cause inflammation and create the sensation of itchiness. Scratching itchy skin can cause even more breaks within the skin, leading to an infectious entryway. The cause of this cascade event is why it is crucial to maintain healthy moisturized skin during the winter months. Here is how to break this vicious cycle:

1. Drink Water Generally, we tend to drink less water during the winter months. However, this does not mean our bodies need less water. On the contrary, our body needs about the same amount of water in the wintertime as in summertime. In addition, water will keep the skin hydrated and maintain skin elasticity which helps to decrease dry and cracked skin. During the winter months, I recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water per day.

2. Apply Moisturizer More Than Once Per Day First, we should use a moisturizer daily, especially during the colder months. Typically, we apply moisturizers to our skin after a bath or shower. However, during the winter months, this may not be enough. To keep up with the moisture loss from the cold weather, we need to increase the number of times we apply a moisturizer to our skin. I recommend applying moisturizer 2-3 times per day during the winter months. One of those times should be before bedtime. During bedtime is the best time of day when the moisturizer can stay on the skin the longest, allowing it to provide an extended duration of moisture and protection.

3. Use Natural Skin Care Products Natural skin care products contain natural ingredients that can moisturize and help to heal damaged skin. Many elements in natural skin care products have added properties of antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory that are beneficial in restoring the skin to good health. Be mindful of skin products made mainly of synthetic ingredients as they do not contain the healing properties of some of the natural ingredients, and they can cause the skin to dry out even more. I recommend using natural skin care products containing natural butters and oils for your skin.

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About The Author:

Dr. Christina Hector, DO, is a board-certified Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician. Dr. Hector is the creator and co-founder of Nature's Purée, a natural skincare company designed for the entire family. Nature's Purée LLC's goals are to help change the standard of skincare where the leading skincare products used by families are made with natural ingredients. Nature's Purée makes staple skincare products to maintain, moisturize, protect, and heal the skin.

Dr. Hector believes in all-around wellness and being healthy inside and outside. Teaching from a physician and a natural skincare creator's point of view, she discusses healthy skincare topics through live streams, videos, and blogs located on Nature's Purée social media and website.


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