3 Recommendations For Soft Lips This Valentine's Day by Dr. Christina

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Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Ready to celebrate with that special someone. Valentine's day is full of love, roses, chocolate, and kisses. We deserve it all, including soft lips to finish off the night. Unfortunately, however, many of us are experiencing dry lips during the cold February month.

The skin, including the lips, can become dry and chapped during the winter months. This dryness is due to the low humidity from the outside air and dry heat from the inside air. This low humidity causes moisture loss from the lips, causing dry lips that we do not want to have on Valentine's Day. So here are my 3 recommendations for soft lips this Valentine's Day:

1. Apply Natural Lip Balm- First, we have to apply a moisturizer. I recommend a natural lip balm with natural oils, natural butters, beeswax, or plant-based wax. These ingredients help heal the lips by providing the cells with vitamins and antioxidants; They will also help protect the lips from the elements by covering the lips with a natural barrier that keeps them moisturized. You will have to apply the natural lip balm more than once per day to restore and repair the lips.

I recommend one of those times to be before bedtime. Overnight while you sleep is the best time to allow the lip balm to settle into the skin.

I also recommend applying a natural lip balm base before applying lipstick. Many lipsticks do not contain moisturizing or healing properties. The base layer of lip balm will at least seal in the moisture underneath your favorite shade of lip color.

2. Use lip scrub- Dead skin cells can pile on our lips, causing them to feel rough. A lip scrub works as an exfoliant that helps remove the excess dead skin from the lips, leaving a soft, healthy skin layer. I recommend exfoliating your lips 2x each week. Always apply your natural lip balm after exfoliating.

3. Stay hydrated- When your body does not get enough water, It will affect all the cells of your body, including the ones on your lips. The cells can become dehydrated, shrink, and form cracks within the lips leading to cuts. If you start to notice your lips are feeling dryer than usual. Monitor your water intake. If you see you are drinking less water, that may be the problem.

Don't let dry lips spoil your Valentine's day. Instead, follow these 3 recommendations and ensure a great ending to your night.

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Dr. Christina



About The Author:

Dr. Christina Hector, DO, is a board-certified Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician. Dr. Hector is the creator and co-founder of Nature's Purée, a natural skincare company designed for the entire family. Nature's Purée LLC's goals are to help change the standard of skincare where the leading skincare products used by families are made with natural ingredients. Nature's Purée makes staple skincare products to maintain, moisturize, protect, and heal the skin.

Dr. Hector believes in all-around wellness and being healthy inside and outside. Teaching from a physician and a natural skincare creator's point of view, she discusses healthy skincare topics through live streams, videos, and blogs located on Nature's Purée social media and website.

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