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3 Recommendations For Skin Care During The Winter Months by Dr. Christina

Hello #Naturals! You are not alone if you are experiencing dry, cracked skin due to the cold winter months. Millions of people are experiencing the same. Winter months can be especially rough on the skin. Here, I will paint a picture of the dry skin cycle of the cold outdoors. Cold outdoor air creates low humidity, which means very little water vapor in the air. The low humidity draws out moisture causing the outer layer of skin cells to become dry and shrink. When dry skin shrinks the outer cell layer becomes rough and can lead to cracking. Then, cracked skin can cause inflammation and create the sensation of itchiness. Scratching itchy skin can cause even more breaks within the...

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It is that time of the year when the cool air blows pasts your skin and somehow creates goosebumps (for some), eczema (for others), or dry and cracked skin (for many). It may not be entirely understood as to what causes this. For some, the cold whether means a simple adjustment by adding on a few layers of clothes. For others, the cold creates an the opportunity for dry and cracked skin to take over. If left unattended, dry skin (whether it is visible or not), leads to accelerated damage and ultimately accelerated aged skin. To fight the cycle of damaged and dry skin you must get ahead of the curve. Prevention is the key when it comes to treating...

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