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I have this salve sitting in my desk drawer in work for a few years now. The environment here in the winter is very dry. I love this salve for my hands. I will purchase it again. - Deborah O.

"I love the restoration salve and use it for my very dry skin. It provides tremendous relief from my eczema outbreaks. Very soothing and moisturizing." - Gina D. 

"I buy a couple jars at a time in the cold season so I’m guaranteed not to run out. The best from head to toes" - Valarie Y.

Meet Dr. Christina

Dr. Christina Hector is a board-certified Sports Medicine and Family Medicine physician. She is a Wife and mother of 3 children, including a set of twins. She is the creator and co-founder of Nature's Purée, a natural skincare company designed for the whole family.

Nature's Purée's goals are to help change the standard of skincare where the leading skincare products used by families are made with unnatural ingredients. Nature's Purée makes staple, everyday skincare products designed to maintain, moisturize, protect, and heal the skin. Our products include natural ingredients such as herbs, clay, essential oils, and unrefined raw butter.  

Dr. Hector believes in all-around wellness and being healthy inside and outside. Teaching from a physician and a natural skincare creator's point of view, she discusses healthy skincare topics through live streams, videos, and blogs located on Nature's Purée social media and website.

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