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How to Use Nature's Purée Products

Nature's Puree Natural Skincare Lineup

Body Soap

Our Body Soap is best used when applied directly onto your skin. The moisturizing properties of the soap are enhanced when used with warm water. Create your lather and work into your skin with circular hand motions. Rinse and wash away. Place your soap on a soap rack to ensure it lasts longer.

Our Oatmeal Body Soap carries a mild exfoliation effect. Our BerrySeed Body Soap has a moderate exfoliation effect for tougher areas of the skin that need to be restored.

Body Butter

Our Body Butters are best used on an as needed basis. For the face, start with a small amount and feel how your skin behaves. Drier areas will need a little more Body Butter, but don't go overboard. As they say, a little but goes a long way.

Restoration Salve

Our Restoration Salve is intended for the most intense areas of skin that need healing. Scaly, cracked skin are your targets which would include finger webs, construction hands, peeling skin, and chaffed skin. You are more than welcome to use the Restoration Salve on large parts of the body but that is generally reserved for our Body Butters.

Lip Balm

Of course Lip Balm is intended for dry and cracked lips but what must be taken into consideration is prevention. Apply as needed during the day for when you notice there is a problem. Apply liberally at night to prevent a problem while you sleep.

Face Soap

Our Face Soap is dedicated to getting your face ready for the day. Both of our Face Soaps can be used for most skin types (oily to dry). In general, our Charcoal Face Soap is better suited for oily skin types. Apply lather to the palms of your hands and rub into the skin with small circular motions. Rinse away and be amazed at how your skin feels. Remember to place your Face Soap on a soap rack to keep it dry and ensure it lasts longer.