The Winter Is Here

It's that time of year again. We are gradually working our way towards colder and colder weather, and then next thing you know, we will be talking about frost and wind chill factor! In the upcoming months, your skin will require more and more protection from the elements.
Mother nature will soon make your skin look and feel like either cardboard, or, at its worst, sandpaper (yikes). Excessive winds, freezing temperatures, and shortened sun exposure will cause dry and chaffed skin. Unless you stay on top of the condition of your skin, you will end up with skin that appears more wrinkly and feel dry to the touch. Over time, if you fail to heal and protect your skin, long term damage will build up over time and you will age considerably faster than is necessary.
Now is the time to make preparations for the battle to come. Your skin deserves better. Healing your skin with natural and wholesome products such as Nature's Puree © body butter, will keep your skin looking healthy and feeling smooth.
Body butter is great for use all over your body and will keep your skin moisturized longer throughout the day. Stay tuned for our next blog as we dig deeper into the subject of why body butter should be in your life!
The winter may be coming, but you will be prepared!
Your skin will thank you.

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