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3 Recommendations For Soft Lips This Valentine's Day by Dr. Christina

Hello #Naturals! Are you ready for Valentine's Day? Ready to celebrate with that special someone. Valentine's day is full of love, roses, chocolate, and kisses. We deserve it all, including soft lips to finish off the night. Unfortunately, however, many of us are experiencing dry lips during the cold February month. The skin, including the lips, can become dry and chapped during the winter months. This dryness is due to the low humidity from the outside air and dry heat from the inside air. This low humidity causes moisture loss from the lips, causing dry lips that we do not want to have on Valentine's Day. So here are my 3 recommendations for soft lips this Valentine's Day: 1. Apply...

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Chapped Lips

Chapped lips, or cheilitis simplex, is inflammation of the lips or the skin around the lips. One of the more common causes of chapped lips can be attributed to dryness (chapping) or excessive exposure to the sun. Dryness and sun exposure could result in rapid drying of the lips and results in cracking, fissures, or peeling of the lips.  This time of the year, cold temperature and winds play a large role in chapped lips. Oddly, excessive lip licking causes drying of the lips. This occurs as the lips cause excessive friction over the lips. The cold, dry winter air causes further irritation and then you see the typical red and irritated chapped lips.  Chapped lips can occur at any...

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